Sarah Holloway

I recently have gotten the pleasure of meeting and talking with NYC model Sarah Holloway. Her Instagram has left many in awe of all the colorful, bright and beautiful photos she partakes in. Read my interview with her below, to learn more about her journey, as well as some of her favorite photographers, brands, and photoshoots ever!


1. Around what age did you first start to be interested in modeling and photography? 

I never aspired to be or even had the thought of being a model until my best friend Brandon started doing photography. When he started getting into lifestyle and portraits he asked me if I wanted to model for him and I was happy to do so. After about a year or two of just doing it just for fun, companies started reaching out to me asking if I would promote and advertise their products. That is when I decided to really jump into it and make it a part time job. I was 20 years old when that happened and now I am 22, loving what I do.


2. When modeling and creating content for your Instagram, what vibe and aesthetic do you usually aim to create and convey in your pictures. 

I always aim to create something that really captures the viewers eye or portrays who I am as a person. 


3. Do you have a favorite photographer to work with and if so why?

My favorite photographer to work with is Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel), because we have been best friends since High School, before Instagram even existed so it goes way beyond just taking pictures with us. 


4. What has been your favorite photoshoot ever and what about it made it so unique and fun?

My favorite photoshoot was with Brandon when we went to Austin, Texas. We hiked to a swimming hole with a small waterfall, it was beautiful. There was a perfect ledge in the waterfall I was able to climb to and sit down and of course Brandon got his camera and prism out and we had an awesome photoshoot and got amazing pictures. 


5. What are your top 3 favorite fashion brands and what would be your number one beauty tip/ advice? 

My favorite brands are Urban Outfitters, Guess, and both Adidas and Nike because when I am not doing a photoshoot I am usually in athletic apparel. My advice for beauty would be to dress and do your makeup to make YOU feel comfortable and good, not to impress or look a certain way for someone else.


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Britten Duerden

I recently got the opportunity to meet 20 year old, Britten Duerden and ask her some questions about her modeling career, life, and what she's doing in the near future. Read my interview with her below to find out more!


1. When did modeling become a passion of yours and what is it like working as a model in a place like Utah?

I started modeling about 2 years ago, I'm signed with an agency here called NIYA. Utah is packed full of creative individuals that I have been able to work with. I love working in Utah because I feel like there are so many people I still haven't worked with yet that are amazing and talented and I can't wait to create something awesome with them as well. Photoshoots are a blast for me. Utah is very low key with modeling. Lots of outdoors type of stuff but that's my niche of modeling so it works well for me.


2. You recently starred in a commercial for ICON Motorsports, is acting something you want to further pursue?

The ICON shoot was one of my favorites. It was in the desert of Utah and it was incredible. So yes, I would like to.


3. What are your favorite hobbies or activities to do when your not modeling?

I love to be outdoors. In the Winter I snowboard and in the Summer months I rock climb and river guide. I'm also trying to become a good skateboarder and surfer. Skating is so hard.


4. What clothing company would be your dream to star in a campaign for and why?

I would love to do a campaign for an outdoor company. I would take any of them haha. I would also be very happy to work with Nike.


5. Do you have any big campaigns, photoshoots, commercials or other plans in the near future you are excited about? If so what are they, and when can your fans be expecting to see the finished product?

I'm actually leaving Utah for a few months so my modeling will slow a bit. I'm hopefully going to be signed to an addition agency in Portland where I'll be. So that will bring some new and exciting things that I can share with everyone before Summer is over. 


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Landy is a a global fashion and lifestyle curator who has a tremendous passion for luxury fashion and traveling. His incredible style, along with his beautiful photography skills are what have contributed to his rise to social media fame with just under 100k followers. There truly is no one quite like him and how he so amazingly creates and shares content on Instagram. Read my interview with him below to learn a little more about him as a person and how he got his start.


1. How long have you been an online Global Fashion and Lifestyle Curator and what made you begin to be deeply interested in the fashion world?

I have been active on Instagram since Fall 2013 when menswear and streetwear was still a nascent category on the platform.  Being active on social media for 4 years is the equivalent to decades given how fast trends pass.  I've always been interested in streetwear culture and fashion.  It was only at that time that I decide to start posting my passion and interests on a public forum.


2. Where in the world has been your favorite place that you have ever visited and what about that locations fashion and culture spoke to you?

I'll have to exclude Hong Kong and New York City, since I've lived in those cities.  By far, my favorite place is Tokyo.  I've been to Japan 6 times and it's a place I'll just keep going back again and again.  Everything from fashion to retail is just at a higher level than any other part of the world.  There's just something about Japanese culture where they will take an influence or style and just turn it up a notch or they come up with some so uniquely their own.  


3. If you could only wear clothes from one brand/ designer for the rest of you life what/ who would that be and why?

I think most would expect me to say some luxury brand like Saint Laurent or Rick Owen or some streetwear staple like Supreme.  I would actually say Uniqlo.  There's nothing wrong with affordable basics that you can easily purchase and integrate into your own style.  The quality is great and they've done some intelligent, managed collaborations from Pharrell and KAWS to Lemaire and Jil Sanders.


4. What are your top 3 favorite pairs of sneakers, that you have ever owned?

adidas Stan Smith.

Fragment Jordan 1

Fear of God Maxfield


5. What are your plans for 2017? Do you have any big projects, trips, or collaborations in the works?

Just being me and chasing another 100k in airline miles.


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Fran Nardone

Newport Beach, California resident, Fran Nardone is more than just a pretty face. She is signed with Ford Models LA and hasn't even graduated High School yet! She's an adventurous, confident, and driven girl with high aspirations and a strong work ethic. See my interview with her below to learn a little more about Fran as a model, traveler, and her life to this point, as well as plans for the future.


1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a model and how long after that moment did you get signed to Ford Models?

Well modeling actually wasn't something I ever considered. It wasn't actually until Ford New York contacted me and flew down to meet with me where I was currently living in LA. After meeting with them I took the opportunity and signed that same month back in 2015. I think my life would be drastically different if I hadn't taken that opportunity and for that I'm very lucky. 


2. What is your favorite location that you have ever done a photoshoot at, and what about that place made it so special to you?

One of the best things about modeling is the constant travel opportunities that come up. Ive been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places like NY, New Orleans, San Fran, Yosemite and many others. My favorite place I've ever shoot this far would have to be Sequoia National Park. It really was something out of a movie.


3. What do you classify your personal style as, and what are your favorite 3 brands to shop?

My styles pretty hard to classify I'd say I'm a lil bit of everything. I wear mostly black and white. Not a huge fan on patterns or prints. I do take a lot of pride in how I dress so that makes me quite picky when it comes to shopping. But overall just something cute and casual that expresses me. Probably Urban Outfitters, Topshop and American Rag.


4. Whats your top beauty tip, and what advice would you give any young person looking to start modeling?

Top beauty tip is to have confidence and not care what anyone else thinks about you. Because at the end of the day all that matters is that you love who you are. I get asked a lot tips to start modeling and honestly you just have to work hard and get your name out there to agencies. I was lucky in that the agency came to me but thats not always gonna be the case. 


5. Do you have any cool or interesting shoots or campaigns coming in the near future? Do you have any specific goals or resolutions for the new year? 

I do have some cool shoots and jobs coming up but thats a secret:) And yes this year I'll be graduating high school so I plan on working and booking jobs as much as I can before college. And of course traveling non stop. 


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