JJ Shurbet


JJ Shurbet, also known as @scruffpuppie on Instagram is a teenage music artists from Wisconsin. He has over 64,000 subscribers on YouTube and has garnered over 1 million views on his chanel. Posting covers from popular artists such as Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION, and Bon Iver, his fans go crazy for his passionate and unique sound. 


1. When did you start playing the guitar and singing?

I have been singing almost all my life, music has always been apart of my life, and I have been playing guitar for almost ten years


2. Have you always loved performing for others?

Performing for other people is how I got into music. My first time performing was for some goofy talent show and I loved seeing people’s faces so much, honestly I just love making people happy


3. Who are your 3 biggest personal musical influences?

3 of my biggest musical inspirations would include Sam Ray, Mac Demarco, and Kevin Abstract. Their music always speaks to me in different ways, with the way Mac Demarco sounds, and the way Sam Ray and Kevin Abstract write


4. If you could collaborate on an album with anyone who would be your dream artist to do so with?

If I could collab with anyone it would definitely be Teen Suicide (or american pleasure club). I love the lofi-punk rock style of music they have and I always will, I strive to make music like that.


5. When did you start uploading videos to youtube and what has been the best part about doing so?

I started uploading YouTube videos when I was about nine years old (2010), and my favorite part of YouTube is seeing people’s comments, the uplifting ones specifically. It always makes me happy to know I am making people happy with my music.


6. Are you working on any new original music and if so when can we all expect to hear it?

I am working on an album that will most likely beout this summer, and it will consist of about 8-9 songs, and it will be on bandcamp for around 5 dollars :)