Anna McNaught


Anna is an incredibly talented Graphic Designer and Photographer out of Los Angeles. Her pictures are truly magical and create images that blur reality and the supernatural. Read my interview with Anna below, to learn more about her and the amazing work she does. 


1. When did you first start getting serious about photography and know that you had a passion for it?

I've been serious about photography for most of my life but the real passion came in college.  I grew up with a family of artists so I was surrounded by art from a young age.  I started painting and playing around with a camera as far back and elementary school.  In highschool, I became very interested in graphic design and decided to go to Savannah College of Art and Design.  I took a photography class while I was at SCAD and really fell in love the idea of going outside with my camera and capturing the world around me.  As much as I love sitting at my computer and editing there was something so intriguing about walking around the city and recording everyday life. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started combining my love for graphic design and photography into my surreal creations.

2. What types of photos do you like taking the most and why?

I enjoy taking photos that I can turn into something else.  Mainly landscape shots and shots with people. From these pieces, I can create a whole different world in photoshop.

3. Where do you draw creativity and inspiration from when editing and taking photos?

I pull inspiration from dreams, nature, books, movies, and studying the works of great artists.  Most of my ideas come right as I'm falling asleep. 

4. Do you have a favorite photo you have ever taken, favorite subject you have ever shot, or favorite location to photograph and why?

My favorite photo I've ever taken is my self-portrait where I'm coming out of the frame.  I took this in Joshua tree on the side of the road totally on a whim.  It was the first shot that got me interested in this type of work and has a lot of emotional meaning behind it.

5. What would be your biggest piece of advice to people looking to start doing photography or people looking to get better at photography?

My biggest piece of advice for people looking to get into photography is, practice as much as you can, study the art of others and why something works or doesn't work, and come learn from my blog, The Liked Photo! haha :)

6. What are your plans for 2018 and do you have anything cool planned that you want to share?

SO many plans for 2018! I'm launching an Instagram and photo course online, quitting my job to go fulltime freelance, traveling to Scotland, getting MARRIED!!! and lots lots more so stay tuned :D


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