Sarah Holloway

I recently have gotten the pleasure of meeting and talking with NYC model Sarah Holloway. Her Instagram has left many in awe of all the colorful, bright and beautiful photos she partakes in. Read my interview with her below, to learn more about her journey, as well as some of her favorite photographers, brands, and photoshoots ever!


1. Around what age did you first start to be interested in modeling and photography? 

I never aspired to be or even had the thought of being a model until my best friend Brandon started doing photography. When he started getting into lifestyle and portraits he asked me if I wanted to model for him and I was happy to do so. After about a year or two of just doing it just for fun, companies started reaching out to me asking if I would promote and advertise their products. That is when I decided to really jump into it and make it a part time job. I was 20 years old when that happened and now I am 22, loving what I do.


2. When modeling and creating content for your Instagram, what vibe and aesthetic do you usually aim to create and convey in your pictures. 

I always aim to create something that really captures the viewers eye or portrays who I am as a person. 


3. Do you have a favorite photographer to work with and if so why?

My favorite photographer to work with is Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel), because we have been best friends since High School, before Instagram even existed so it goes way beyond just taking pictures with us. 


4. What has been your favorite photoshoot ever and what about it made it so unique and fun?

My favorite photoshoot was with Brandon when we went to Austin, Texas. We hiked to a swimming hole with a small waterfall, it was beautiful. There was a perfect ledge in the waterfall I was able to climb to and sit down and of course Brandon got his camera and prism out and we had an awesome photoshoot and got amazing pictures. 


5. What are your top 3 favorite fashion brands and what would be your number one beauty tip/ advice? 

My favorite brands are Urban Outfitters, Guess, and both Adidas and Nike because when I am not doing a photoshoot I am usually in athletic apparel. My advice for beauty would be to dress and do your makeup to make YOU feel comfortable and good, not to impress or look a certain way for someone else.


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