Britten Duerden

I recently got the opportunity to meet 20 year old, Britten Duerden and ask her some questions about her modeling career, life, and what she's doing in the near future. Read my interview with her below to find out more!


1. When did modeling become a passion of yours and what is it like working as a model in a place like Utah?

I started modeling about 2 years ago, I'm signed with an agency here called NIYA. Utah is packed full of creative individuals that I have been able to work with. I love working in Utah because I feel like there are so many people I still haven't worked with yet that are amazing and talented and I can't wait to create something awesome with them as well. Photoshoots are a blast for me. Utah is very low key with modeling. Lots of outdoors type of stuff but that's my niche of modeling so it works well for me.


2. You recently starred in a commercial for ICON Motorsports, is acting something you want to further pursue?

The ICON shoot was one of my favorites. It was in the desert of Utah and it was incredible. So yes, I would like to.


3. What are your favorite hobbies or activities to do when your not modeling?

I love to be outdoors. In the Winter I snowboard and in the Summer months I rock climb and river guide. I'm also trying to become a good skateboarder and surfer. Skating is so hard.


4. What clothing company would be your dream to star in a campaign for and why?

I would love to do a campaign for an outdoor company. I would take any of them haha. I would also be very happy to work with Nike.


5. Do you have any big campaigns, photoshoots, commercials or other plans in the near future you are excited about? If so what are they, and when can your fans be expecting to see the finished product?

I'm actually leaving Utah for a few months so my modeling will slow a bit. I'm hopefully going to be signed to an addition agency in Portland where I'll be. So that will bring some new and exciting things that I can share with everyone before Summer is over. 


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