Avstin James

Avstin James is a 20 year old music producer and DJ from Vancouver who has become very well known for his Hip Hop/ EDM mashups. He has 66k subscribers on Youtube and has millions of plays on Soundcloud. Check out my interview with Avstin below to learn more about his life and how he got his start!


1. When did you first start making beats and when did that turn into making mashups? 

I first started making mashups in the 11th grade in my math class, Poetic Cherokee (Kendrick Lamar X Cherokee), now working with ableton on original tracks and remixes.


2. What was the first mashup you made, and how have you evolved both as a DJ and fan of music since then? 

First mashup was Poetic Cherokee (Kendrick Lamar X Cherokee) made in my 11th grade math class. Moved onto a program called mixx and have crafted many mashups on there. Now im working with ableton to make all my music, including my mashups.


3. Who are top 3 favorite music artists in the industry today and what about them stand out to you?

Louis the child - It looks like they truly love what theyre doing. From the studio to the stage you can tell these dudes are having fun.

Post malone - This guy is so cool. I love everything he puts out and through watching his interviews, he seems so geniune and creative.

Flume - Production king. I love all his music and what he's about.


4. What is your favorite part about performing live and where would be your dream venue or festival to perform at? 

When you play a song or drop and you look out in the crowd and see all the reactions. Its cool to see something that started in your room played out to a big group of people. My dream festival would be coachella or pemberton in my hometown. I really love the vibe of what they put on and would love to play for crowds like that.


5. What other artist would be your dream to collaborate and work with on a joint album and why? 

Dream collaboration would have to be chance the rapper. Being in the studio with this man would be a highlight of my life.


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