Landy is a a global fashion and lifestyle curator who has a tremendous passion for luxury fashion and traveling. His incredible style, along with his beautiful photography skills are what have contributed to his rise to social media fame with just under 100k followers. There truly is no one quite like him and how he so amazingly creates and shares content on Instagram. Read my interview with him below to learn a little more about him as a person and how he got his start.


1. How long have you been an online Global Fashion and Lifestyle Curator and what made you begin to be deeply interested in the fashion world?

I have been active on Instagram since Fall 2013 when menswear and streetwear was still a nascent category on the platform.  Being active on social media for 4 years is the equivalent to decades given how fast trends pass.  I've always been interested in streetwear culture and fashion.  It was only at that time that I decide to start posting my passion and interests on a public forum.


2. Where in the world has been your favorite place that you have ever visited and what about that locations fashion and culture spoke to you?

I'll have to exclude Hong Kong and New York City, since I've lived in those cities.  By far, my favorite place is Tokyo.  I've been to Japan 6 times and it's a place I'll just keep going back again and again.  Everything from fashion to retail is just at a higher level than any other part of the world.  There's just something about Japanese culture where they will take an influence or style and just turn it up a notch or they come up with some so uniquely their own.  


3. If you could only wear clothes from one brand/ designer for the rest of you life what/ who would that be and why?

I think most would expect me to say some luxury brand like Saint Laurent or Rick Owen or some streetwear staple like Supreme.  I would actually say Uniqlo.  There's nothing wrong with affordable basics that you can easily purchase and integrate into your own style.  The quality is great and they've done some intelligent, managed collaborations from Pharrell and KAWS to Lemaire and Jil Sanders.


4. What are your top 3 favorite pairs of sneakers, that you have ever owned?

adidas Stan Smith.

Fragment Jordan 1

Fear of God Maxfield


5. What are your plans for 2017? Do you have any big projects, trips, or collaborations in the works?

Just being me and chasing another 100k in airline miles.


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