Salma Slims

Atlanta rapper Salma Slims is the first lady of Private Cub Records and never seems to disappoint. Her latest EP Ghetto Girl Dream (album cover above) released yesterday, and proves why she is one of the hottest female rappers in the game today. Check out my exclusive interview with her below to learn a little more about Atlanta's rap treasure and Private Club Records favorite female artist. 


1. Have you always wanted to be a music artist?

A: I was the girl in the mirror with the hairbrush and the lipstick on with my momma heels on trynna be grown in the mirror. Music was a passion at the age of 15 after being in so many school talent shows and having such an interest in being a model one day. It kinda developed on its own. I started rapping with a group of guys in high school and I recorded one of my first songs in the office room of there house after school before my mom got home.

2. When did you get signed to Private Club Records and how has that changed your career?

A: I've always been private club I've been I. Private club records before anyone even knew what private club records was. I was in Atlanta moving around with my brothers doing shows , brining them out on my shows, Ana making music with them since the beginning.

3. Are there certain artists in the industry that you draw inspiration from in your music or performances?

A: I'm original but I am a big fan of TI , my favorite albums were trap music , paper trail , and King
Lisa Lopez was the reason I even started rapping after seeing how Amazing she delivered verses and flipped them into a story by being dramatic land entertaining.

4. Who are your personal top 5 favorite artists to listen to?

A: See right now I'm
Listening to :

Tory Lanes
The Neighborhood
21 Savage

5. What has been your favorite part about being on tour?

A: My favorite part of tour is talking to the fans after the show , getting to know them and really listening to there stories. A lot of these fans have normal lives and very interesting things to say outside of music and it's so touching and heart warming to hear what they have to say. Being with my homies and all the guys with me is always fun also. We are a big family and we have so much fun together.

6. Do you have any new projects your working on, or any new material coming out soon? 

A: Ghetto Girl Dream is dropping on Sep 12th produced by Richie Souf and K Swisha. I spent my time in Atlanta working on this project and lately I've been living a dream everything around me is coming to life and big things are happening everyday . I've been pushing and working for so longand finally starting to see some money and success come from my music and it almost feels like I'm the ghetto girls. Especially with how far private club records has comein the last year.


Follow her on Instagram @salmaslims and stream Ghetto Girl Dream now on Soundcloud!