Nikita Desai

LA based model and stylist Nikita Desai is a special talent who never stops  creating. I got the opportunity to interview her on topics such as her experiences modeling, styling, and even beauty tips. Check out her responses and much more in the interview below!


1. Whats your favorite brand or photographer you have gotten the chance to model for?

A: One of the best brands I shot with would have to be Nike - when I shot with them at their headquarters in Beaverton,OR.

2. Whats your favorite job or experience you have ever had being a stylist?

A: I love styling and modeling because they go hand in hand. I got the chance to style for a Post Malone video a few months back and also ended up being in it.

3. How long have you been signed to Wilhelmina Models, and whats been the best part of being apart of their agency?

A: I have been with Wilhelmina a year now. It is great as it allows me to travel to Hawaii quite often. 

4. Who are your role models in life and why do they inspire you?

A: One of my many role models is Vivienne Westwood. She is my favorite designer and is very inspiring to me. I have read her biography many times and am intrigued by her tough upbringing and how many historical moments she has lived through. It is interested to see how all of her harsh and political life expierences show through her pieces of art and clothing. Everything she creates is so meaningful and has such depth farther than the eye can see - I aspire to create art as captivating as hers one day. 

5. What should people expect to see from you in the future?

A: Studying Fashion Design this past summer at Central St. Martins in London was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I was immersed in so much history, culture and art and met designers from all over the world. I got the chance to learn how to and create an amazing collection of pieces that are truly important to me. You can expect to see much more art and design from me in the near future. I have a goal to create everyday - and I am going to stick to that. 

6. What would be your best advice to anyone trying to make it in the modeling industry? 

A: My best advice to someone trying to make it in the modeling industry is that you should never be discouraged. Keep trying and trying until you find the right path for you, because everyone makes it in a different way. Be proud of what makes you unique rather than trying to fit in to the norm. You individuality is what the industry wants. You are never too old, young, short or tall - the industry requires all types of people. Never stop trying. 

7. Whats your number one beauty tip?

A: Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins ! Exercise and eat healthy ! Make up is not what makes you glow - it is your health and happiness 

8. What are your top three things in your closet you can not live without? 

A: My red leather Helmut Lang pants. 

My vintage Yoko Ono band tee.

And my All Saints Leather jacket. 

Also... my black Acne Studios ripped jeans. 


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