Nathaniel Wilson

I recently interviewed 16 year old Nathaniel Wilson from New Zealand. Wilson quickly rose to Instagram fame through his ability to model, style, and share his fashion sense and creativity with the world. I got the chance to ask him questions about his personal style, favorite brands, and even what he plans to do in the future. Check out the interview below to find out!


1. When did you first start having a real interest in fashion?

A: Probably when I was around 14 and I saw that everyone was dressed in the same kind of clothing and I wanted to look different or stand out.

2. What would you classify your personal style as?

A: I'd say high street fashion as I like quite a few higher end brands but don't like to wear them too formally.

3. Do you have a favorite designer and what about their designs makes you gravitate toward them?

A: I have a few favourite designers but probably my favourite is raf Simons, the materials he uses with the clothes along with how they're put together just make them feel like they're special.

4. Whats your top 3 favorite streetwear brands?

A: In terms of Street wear I enjoy misbhv, palace, and also supreme.

5. Do you have a personal favorite fashion icon and why? 

A: I look up to A$AP Nast quite a bit as his style is so quirky and different but he puts fits together so well which inspires me to do the same.

6. Whats next for you? Are you going to continue making youtube videos? Do you plan to start modeling or blogging?

A: I would love to start doing a lot more modelling for brands, it's what I enjoy doing and see myself doing that quite a bit in the future.


Follow him on Instagram @nathaniellwilson