Ben Esqueda

In the past few weeks Ive gotten to know model and social media personality, Ben Esqueda from California. Check out our interview below to learn Ben's favorite designer, brands to shop, plans for his career in the near future, and more about who he is and how he got his start.  


1. How long have you been modeling and what/ who inspired you to start?

I have been modeling since January, the main thing that encouraged me to start was the art and emotion behind the picture. You can create amazing unique content and show so much emotion in what people call "just a picture".


2. What would you describe your personal style as?

I would not label my personal style to only one specific way, but one of my favorites is a grungy look.


3. What are your top 3 favorite brands?

My three favorite brands are Gucci, Comme De Garcon and last but not least H&M.

The reason for Gucci is because the things are amazing but also because the content they produce is amazing, The reason for Comme De Garcon because they did a collaboration with Converse and those are by far the comfiest shoes I have and I love the look. The reason for H&M is because they always have whats in and they have so many different styles so when I shop there I can shop my mood.


4. What do most young people in LA wear and what styles do you associate with west coast fashion?

I feel like the generic or what most stylish people wear in LA is all black with ripped jeans. But nothing is wrong with that because I wear all black alot of the times as well.


5. Do you have a favorite designer and why?

My favorite fashion designer is Luca Fersko. He is a huge icon and I look up to his style because he starts his own trends and is creative. He does not fear anything in the fashion world.


6. You mentioned to me that God has played an important role in your life. How did you first find God and how has he made a difference in your life today?

I grew up Catholic and I always went to church every Sunday with my family. So I grew up knowing who God was. Around my early teens a family friend invited me to Christian church and right away I knew Christianity was for me and I felt so alive. My family didn't agree on what I was doing but I was so set and knew it was the right path for me and my life. During my high school years I fell on and off the path of God multiple times because of distractions and growing up as an individual. But I really fell off the path this whole year and I didn't even realize how much time went by and I can list so many "reasons" on why that happened but at the end of the day it's all excuses because you can always make time for God as he does for you. But on my birthday August 10th of 2016 I went on a shoot and met a new person named Xavier that has changed my life drastically. After we shot we went to dinner and just talked about God. Ever since that day God has made so many changes in my life and for a lot of it it doesn't make sense but you have to trust God and know that he does things for the better even though it doesn't seem that way at times. But as of today god makes a difference in my life by knowing myself that I love day by day and I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning knowing this can possibly be my last day on Earth and that's totally okay because their is an after in heaven and that is such an amazing feeling knowing that. God is making a huge difference in my life so I want to make a huge difference in people's life's by guiding them to God.


7. Do you have any big projects or cool photoshoots coming in the near future that people should be on the look out for? What should people be expecting from you next?

I have so much planned for my career in the near future. I am planning a Youtube currently and working on getting signed with an agency so I can pursue modeling as my full time job, but last but not least I want to work on being more involved with everyone and show my appreciation to all of the people that are with me on my journey!


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